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Hello! This is a blog about my college life at Boston University, starting with my first day of Freshman year. It will show my likes, dislikes, concerns, celebrations, and loads more. Feel free to submit your own college stories and follow if you like the adventure! 'Til then, thanks for checking me out. -Brie

Fact: College = 6.02 x 10^23 Better Than High School

^ That was a chemistry joke…..Okay, moving on. Days have passed. A week actually. Stuff has gone down. A lot of stuff. So I’m gonna do a ten point explanation of why the above bolded statement is true. 

1. You don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do anything. I don’t really go anywhere, but whenever I get the urge, it’s pretty cool to just walk to Starbucks or to a club meeting or downtown without asking anyone. 

2. Teachers actually want to teach; Students actually want to learn. I mean, so far. That’s what I’ve observed. I know it’s just the first few weeks, but I mean we’ve paid so much money to go here and it seems like every single person in my class actively shows interest and respect for the class. Which is cool. 

3. Personal Economics. Great class. Take it. 

4. Two Mile Long Campus = Mandatory Daily Workout. It’s a struggle. My legs are really sore. But that might have something to do with my….

5. Modern Dance Class. And other PDP’s. Take a Physical Development Class or the equivalent in college because they are Pass/Fail so you’re pretty much guaranteed an A. And fitness. Which is a plus. 

6. No Obligation to Make Friends. I mean, really. I don’t have actual ‘friends’ here. But I am 100% okay with that because I’m here to get a degree, and, yeah, to experience things, but I have friends at home. If I happen to meet cool people, then awesome. But there’s no stress to cling to one person and become BFFs. 

7. The Food is Ten Times Better. Dining Hall Food > Cafeteria Food. Someone gift wrap the West Campus cookies and the Warren Mac-n-Cheese, please. I will be forever grateful. 

8. You make your own schedule. Yeah, some people can do that in high school, but you can pick your specific math class, or specific social science class. Also, no one’s making you attend that lecture. You probably should because you’re paying for it, but, I mean, that’s on you. 

9. Campus Activities. Splash. CAS Ice Cream Social. Comedy Shows. Religious Groups. Dance crews. Quidditch teams. Community Service clubs. Doctor Who fan clubs. Whatever. You can always go out and do/join something. Advice: Keep a schedule. 

10. …..BOSTON!!! Whooo! Even though this city has no idea that it’s still summer, it’s still beautiful and accessible and live and historic and modern and exciting and yes. It’s a cool city. 

So, yeah. That’s my update for the week. Stay tuned and B. U. 

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